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Why 15 is NOT The Magic Number

Social Distancing in Schools – Calculating Pupil Numbers by Room Type If schools are to maintain social distancing, they cannot run at full capacity, meaning they will have to find a way to adapt to this ‘new normal’. School Property Matters is the country’s foremost specialist in calculating school pupil capacities; therefore, the best way in which we can support the sector at this time is to advise on the pupil capacity of a school when accommo… read more

Covid-19 Statement

Last Updated: 5th January 2021 School Property Matters is the country’s foremost specialist in calculating school pupil capacities and works with local authorities, academy trusts, and individual schools across the country. The company works within schools to measure and assess the sites and buildings and then completes detailed analysis as a desk based exercise. As a result of the most recent National Lockdown introduced on Tuesday 5th January t… read more

Schools Need Volvo City Safety

Volvo came up with an amazing system to constantly monitor the road and detect when you were about to hit something in front of you. The car applies the brakes and stops you before the accident happens. The system was not an optional extra, Volvo fitted it to all their cars as standard some years ago. Like most men, I consider myself to be a good driver and thought that whilst a good innovation, the system wouldn’t make much difference to me. How… read more

Procurement Rules Crippled Councils and Now They’re Starting on Academies

Back through the mists of time when flares were fashionable and Margaret Thatcher was busy stealing milk from small children, procurement departments didn’t exist. Most purchases for schools were handled by the local authority and the man responsible for the area that needed to buy something would talk to sales people, peruse catalogues, decide on the best value and buy what was needed. The legal department would ensure contracts for bigger stuff… read more

Measuring the Pupil Capacity of a School

More pupils, less pupils, justifying the pupils already in a school, defending against more pupils, how do you work out the physical pupil capacity of school buildings? Who you are will probably dictate how you measure. Local Authority The Local Authority (LA) is the commissioner of school places and ultimately responsible for knowing how many school places are within their area. Their starting place for school capacity is typically a Net Capacit… read more

Are We Short of School Places, or Just Counting Them Badly?

The country is facing a massive shortage of school places, for years we have been building on to the side of our primary schools to add more places. The bulge in pupils is now approaching the secondary school sector with many already expanding, the real stress point in secondary schools will be reached within three years. The government has spent many billions addressing this problem and will continue to spend billions for some time. Figuring out… read more


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