Posted: January 26, 2021

SPM can provide the data you need to support your bid for funding.

  • Evidence of condition from an independent source
  • Space Needs Assessment as justification for expansion projects
  • Up to date Net Capacity Assessment for the whole institution

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T Levels are new technical study programmes that will sit alongside apprenticeships. The DfE have put in place the T Level Capital Fund to help providers deliver the programmes as part of their curriculum.

The fund is formed of 2 parts:

  • The Buildings and Facilities Improvement Grant (BFIG) which providers will need to bid for
  • The Specialist Equipment Allocation (SEA) which will be awarded to providers using a formula allocation (provided they have not previously received funding for the particular route/s)

The first T Levels were launched in September 2020 with £38 million of capital funding available to ensure providers were prepared to run the programmes. This was followed by a further capital round of £95 million to prepare for delivery in 2021.

The T Level curriculum continues to expand with new providers coming on board to deliver these programmes.

There are two types of projects funded under BFIG, these are:

Estates improvement project – this is a project that will improve the condition of your estate.

  • This includes refurbishment and/ or a new build/ acquisition.
  • It must not increase the internal floor area.
  • You need to show there is no increase in internal floor area (as a result of demolition or disposal where you build the new space).

Estates improvement projects with expansion – this is a project that will increase your internal floor area and improve the condition of your estate.

  • You will need to show why you need the increase in space. This will need to be understood in the context of your existing estate and student/ pupil numbers
  • You must need the increase to address existing overcrowding issues. Projects will not be supported where your growth is the key goal and may not be funded if the need for additional space is not adequately justified.
  • Projects will be assessed on the same basis as estates improvement projects.

In order to apply for BFIG you must:

  • Be a provider on the list of ‘Providers selected to deliver the T Levels’
  • Be an academy, further education college, higher education institution, school, sixth form college or university technical college
  • Not have been previously awarded a BFIG for the T Level route for the institution or campus you are applying for.

Where an academy is part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) the MAT will need to apply on behalf of the academy. For each academy one application per academy per route should be submitted.

For college corporations with multiple campuses the corporation will need to apply on behalf of the college or campus.

Condition data:

For both Estates improvement projects and Estates improvement projects with expansion condition data must be collected. This must be in the form of an independently sourced condition survey from a third party. Condition Data Collection report is not sufficient to bid for this fund. Our condition surveys include all the necessary data needed including proper condition gradings and priority.

Capacity data:

When applying for an Estates improvement projects with expansion project, up-to-date capacity data must be included in your application. This includes a Net Capacity Assessment for the whole institution at the time of application and further evidence, such as curriculum analysis of all teaching showing what T Levels would replace and how this impacts on the total number and type of teaching spaces.

Our capacity reports provide all this data in one, easily accessible place.



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