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Floor Plans

The most useful data you will buy

Multi-Purpose Drawings

  • Scaled Drawings of the Entire School
  • Easy to Use PDF Copies
  • Location, Use and Size for Every Room
  • Rooms Categorised to DfE Codes
  • External Areas Categorised to DfE Codes
  • Colour Coded Copies Showing Room Types

Comprehensive Data

  • Excel Schedule of Key Data for all Spaces
  • Unique Reference for Every Space
  • Data at Site, Building and Room Levels
  • The Base Data for all Capacity Calculations

Custom Versions

  • How You See Your School
  • Customised to Your Requirements
  • Many Uses:
    • You Are Here Plans for the Walls
    • School Prospectus
    • School Intranet
    • Student Planner


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