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School Capacity Report

Capacity Data and Analysis from all Perspectives

Measuring Capacity

The various methods

  • Net Capacity Calculation
  • Funding Agreements with the Local Authority
  • Building Bulletin 103 – The Design Standard
  • Rooms Needed to Deliver Curriculum

Area of all Spaces

  • The Base Data for Analysis
  • Dimensions for all Spaces
  • Reference Every Space
  • Simple Plans to Show Where Spaces Are
  • Define Space Use to DfE Categories

Timetable Analysis

  • Current Space Use for Timetable
  • Identify Curriculum Areas
    • General Teaching
    • Science
    • Art
    • ICT
    • Large & Performance
    • Technology
  • Resolve Anomalies
  • Define Expansion Criteria

Design Standard BB103

  • Building Bulletin 103 “The School Design Standard”
  • Comparison to a New School for Same Pupil Numbers
  • Check Space Type Proportions
  • Analyse External Areas
  • All Spaces Coded to BB103

Net Capacity Analysis

  • Identify Ambiguities Against Guidleines
  • Quantify Options Around Ambiguities
  • Highlight range of Workplaces
  • Compare Outcomes to Number on Roll


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