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Net Capacity

The Standard DfE Measure for School Capacity
  • Set Capacity for Admissions Process
  • Capacity of Every Space in your School
  • Calculates Number of Pupil Places Available
  • Consultation on Planned Admission Number

Pupil Capacity for Every Space

  • All Rooms Assessed
  • Excluded Areas:
    • Early Years
    • Adult Learning
    • Learning Support
    • Chapel or Place of Worship
    • Community Use
  • Net Area = Total Area of Useable Spaces
  • Utilisation Factor for Spaces
  • Apply Workplaces to Each Space Type
  • Calculates Indicated Admission Number

Measure all Spaces

  • Dimensions for all Spaces
  • Reference Every Space
  • Simple Plans to Show Where Spaces Are
  • Define Space Use to DfE Categories

Local Authorities

The Commissioners of School Places
  • Need Justification of PAN for Schools in their Area
  • Need Capacity for all Schools, Including:
    • Academies,
    • Voluntary Aided,
    • Free Schools,
    • Special Schools;
  • What Room Types do Academies in your Area Have
  • Data for Negotiating with Academies for Expansion
  • Data for Annual School Capacity Survey


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