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Are Schools Becoming ‘True Net Zero’?

Back in the late sixties the availability of energy was something we all took for granted, we had an abundance of coal to keep the lights on and our toes warm and enough oil in the ground to keep our cars running for our lifetimes. Issues around energy consumption were not something the average person concerned themselves with, it was for another generation to worry about and the promising nuclear energy developments seemed to be the answer to al… read more

Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) is a competitive grant fund that will award up to £24 million over the 2021-22 financial year to help trusts develop their capacity to grow. The fund is organised into 2 strands: Projects in which your trust will take on at least one additional inadequate or requires improvement school from one of the listed areas All other trust capacity building projects TCaF has a particular focus on supporting strong trusts, and… read more

Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round for eligible academies, sixth-form colleges and VA schools to apply for capital funding. The priority of the fund is to support condition projects, especially those that relate to compliance and health and safety issues. A small proportion of expansion projects are also supported in cases where the eligible body is rated good or outstanding by Ofsted and can demonstrate a need to exp… read more


SPM can provide the data you need to support the Project Need section of your application. Evidence of pupil capacity from an independent source Scenario modelling for increasing capacity of the exiting site versus expansion Up to date Net Capacity Assessment for the whole institution Get the data you need with School Property Matters Email Us Today or call 01253 376376 WHAT IS IT? The Post-16 Capacity Fund has been introduced as part of capital… read more

How do I ensure strategic estate management within my school or trust? The crucial step you may be missing!

With the conversation around strategic estate management being so prominent in the education sector over recent years, little is being discussed about how to truly secure a strategically managed school estate. Establishing a ‘data driven’ estate function within your school or trust is the only way to ensure an estate that is strategically and effectively managed. The perceived priorities of works to be done within the estate will vary depending o… read more

The Fundamentals of Good Estate Management

Establishing a secure foundation for your estate management plan is paramount. The first step to the strategic management of your school estate is ensuring the 7 fundamentals outlined in the Good Estate Management Guide for Schools are in place. Get the data you need to take your estate strategy to the next level. 

Pupil Capacity – The Forgotten Fundamental of Estate Management?

Who looks after capacity planning in your School or Trust?

With billions invested in providing extra pupil places over the past ten years, pupil capacity planning has very much been in focus nationally.  However, at an individual school level the science of pupil capacity planning is poorly applied, resulting in a wide range of problems from over-crowding, poor space utilisation, escalating maintenance costs and unnecessary capital expenditure. Speaking at Managing the School Estate Summit 2021 Jere… read more


SPM can provide the data you need to support your bid for funding. Evidence of condition from an independent source Space Needs Assessment as justification for expansion projects Up to date Net Capacity Assessment for the whole institution Be confident in your bid with School Property Matters Email Us Today or call 01253 376376   WHAT IS IT? T Levels are new technical study programmes that will sit alongside apprenticeships. The DfE hav… read more

Why 15 is NOT The Magic Number

Social Distancing in Schools – Calculating Pupil Numbers by Room Type If schools are to maintain social distancing, they cannot run at full capacity, meaning they will have to find a way to adapt to this ‘new normal’. School Property Matters is the country’s foremost specialist in calculating school pupil capacities; therefore, the best way in which we can support the sector at this time is to advise on the pupil capacity of a school when accommo… read more


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